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5 Desserts You Must Try Before you Die

5 Desserts You Must Try Before you Die

Man invented many things throughout the course of history but the most vital invention for survival is food more specifically desserts, maybe desserts are not for survival but it is essential for revelry of living. Everyone’s got a sweet tooth especially Indians, so it is evident that desserts play a important role in our practice of celebration and life can be complicated without sweets. So the following listing features some of the finest desserts that will add sweetness to any occasion.

Icebox Cake

Icebox cake is made using pudding and crackers or wafers layered in a square or rectangular baking dish, just like the name suggests the results come from assembling the dessert with still-hot stove-cooked pudding, and then refrigerating overnight. The icebox cake gained his popularity during the early 1920’s and 30’s it has various versions including an Australian one called chocolate ripple cake. The icebox cake is easy to make with very few ingredients and a overall simple preparation and can unleash enormous amounts of delight.

Sugar Pie

Sugar pie is associated with western European countries, Sugar pie is a single-crust pie with a filling made from flour, butter, salt, vanilla, cream, and brown sugar or maple syrup when baked these ingredients combine to form a caramel like mixture, it’s roots can be traced back to Canada and is popularly known as tarte au Sucre. It’s simple to make and doesn’t have a convoluted ingredients and it is a concoction of joy, simplified into a simple sugar pie.

Apple Strudel

It is that most common treats on Viennese cafes, strudel is a German word meaning whirlpool and just like a whirlpool you’ll get lost on the angelical twirls formed by ingredients like grated apple, cinnamons, raisins and beard crumbs and served with toppings of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, the oldest strudel recipe dates back to 1657 and this delicacy left people bemused ever since.


Also known as “Ras malai” originated from the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, described as “rich cheesecake without a crust” it is made with clotted cheese seasoned with cardamom and cooked in sugar syrup and milk with saffron and pistachios, maybe this is the reason for India’s lust for sweets as the final product will look like a sweet daydream.

Hakuto Jelly

It is a seasonal dessert available in summer better served as cold dish, made from the juices of the ripe hakuto peaches and mineral rich spring water, it’s texture will be very similar to the peaches and this delicacy left people spellbound as your heart melts just like the jelly when tasted and it is quite expensive compared to its counterparts due to the quality of the peaches used and it is transgression.



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