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5 Reasons to Order Your Next Celebration Cake from Cakewaves

5 Reasons to Order Your Next Celebration Cake from Cakewaves

Don’t we love a celebration and all the goodies that go with it? Of course, we do! No celebration is complete without a bite of cake. Be it a birthday, anniversary, farewell party, promotion or even a homecoming party cakes are the center of attraction. Celebration cake is a mark of milestone and brings all the dear ones together. So, you have every reason to celebrate it with a cake, as special as your occasion is. You expect your cake to be perfect in every way. How would you ensure that? Here are 5 good reasons as to why you should order from Cakewaves for your next celebration.

“A good, creamy, chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people.”

1. Freshly baked each day

Our pastry chef’s bake every item fresh daily so that you can enjoy our yummy baked treats to the fullest. But that’s the last stage. First, we spend time listening to your needs and requirements. Once we understand your theme, we try to pin down the flavor. From Vanilla, Chocolate Butterscotch and Red velvet, we have a variety of different flavors for everyone in your party to savor. We give you lip-smacking oven-fresh treats. Also, we make sure that every person in your celebration leaves with a smile.


2. Cleanliness & Top quality

There is no room for compromise when it comes to hygiene. We believe in delivering only the best by following high standards of hygiene and using top quality products. This is one of the reasons why we are the trusted chefs in the city for the past 40 years.


3. We design almost everything

You might want to make your special occasion a memorable one with a unique cake. We are happy to help you design your cake exactly the way you want it. Our creativity has no bounds and, our chefs love taking challenges. Whatever may be the occasion we are here to custom design it just for you. In the end, our ultimate aim is to satisfy our customers beyond expectations.


4. Made with love

Yes, Custom cakes are expensive, but they are worth every single penny. It takes time to design a unique cake as our chefs pay attention to details. When you order a custom-made cake, you will know that our chefs have spent ample amount of time planning and working hard on it. It’s all baked with perfect love. A personalized handcrafted cake, for a few hours before it’s eaten, is a work of art!


5. Timely delivery

It’s not easy to wait for long when the craving strikes. Baking a cake and decorating it the right way, takes time. But that’s no excuse to ruin the occasion by late delivery. Cakewaves understands that. Whether is a 2-3 tiered wedding cakes, Customized cake, cookies or desserts, we make sure to deliver it on time. We take care to transport is carefully or keep it for you to pick up from us in the best condition. While most of you are thinking to order from us for your next celebration, we say why wait? Do you need an occasion to indulge in cookies, home-made chocolates, desserts, puffs and much more? Order right away and enjoy the lip-smacking oven treats with your loved ones. Beautiful moments like these become memorable occasions to cherish.



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