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7 Cake festivals of the world

7 Cake festivals of the world

Valentines day is a time when people show feeling of love, affection and friendship, it is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flower or presents to their loved ones instead try any one of these sweet treats to treat yourself or your beloved.

Flourless chocolate cake

Chocolate cake Says “I love you” so much better than words but it is not just any chocolate cake, it is the Flourless chocolate cake , the cake is gluten free and super charming and the recipe includes chocolate, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, cocoa powder and a little love wouldn’t hurt.

Conversation heart bark

Just 3 ingredients and 5 minutes of time can make your ordinary life a fairy tale so, the combination of white chocolate, pink candy melts and semisweet chocolate can help you express your love without saying anything.

Heart cutout cookies

The please lies in not in the heart shaped cookies but in the way your heart crumbles by seeing the joy in the faces of your dearest when they eat this heart cutout cookies just some simple cookies and some frosting can do this.

Raspberry linzer cookies

Buttery shortbread shorts are sandwiched with a sweet homemade raspberry jam filling, just take all your best moments put them in the oven and take them out like cookies and savour each of them forever.

No bake Oreo truffles

No bake Oreo truffles were sent from heaven to remind you that there is love to share, a package of oreas, 1 bag of semisweet chocolate chips and 1 package of softened cream cheese will let you know what happiness smells like.

Valentines day dark chocolate

If love has a color it would have been the color of the dark chocolate cake just some butter, sugar, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, cocoa powder and some fine sea salt can help you impress your sweetheart this year.

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Strawberries are gods gifts to us and cheesecake stuffed strawberries can be your gift to your better half, prepare some cream cheese and pipe it into the strawberries and say “I love you berry much” to everyone you love.

Chocolate swirl fudge

Mini marshmallow! Sugar! Chocolate chips! Vanilla! White chocolate chip! Melted! And this the recipe of happiness with this chocolate swirl fudge everyday is valentine’s Day and love doesn’t come in a better shape than this, in short chocolate fudge are a better fate than wisdom.



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