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Creative birthday cakes

Creative birthday cakes of 2019

Candy-Filled Cakes

Candy filled cakes are fun and children pleasing, especially on their birthdays. It's a colourful cake with hidden surprises for children. This surprise can be the favourite candies of the birthday star. The giggles on the face of kids when they cut open it is worth the efforts. It is a hot favourite on the occasion of the baby shower to reveal genders with pink and blue stuffed candies.

Mirror Glaze Cakes

A showstopper for birthday celebrations Mirror glaze cake is a wonderful and delicious dessert. It's named so because one can see his reflection in it. Mirror glaze is made from sweetened condensed milk, a little chocolate, water, gelatine, flavourings and colours. A mixture of gelatine, sugar, water and food colour is poured over a frosted cake to make it glazy.

Food Shaped Cakes

Imagine it's the birthday of your cutie pie and you surprise her with a cake in her favourite pizza shape. The speciality of this cake is that you can get it in the shapes of a burger, pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, tacos, sushi and many more things.

Dress Cake

It's a perfect cake to celebrate sweet 16th birthday or for the fashionista of the family. Even they work perfectly for a fashion store or a boutique opening, fashion store's anniversaries too.

Chocolate Overloaded Cake

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you never get satisfied and never get enough of chocolates? Then this cake is just for you. As the name suggests, it's an overload of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Everything from top to bottom it will be just chocolates only nothing else. Cookies, macaroons, chocolate bars, candy, sprinkles, doughnuts, choco chips, syrup drips and the list is endless.

Sugar Glass Cakes

If the birthday theme is Frozen then sugar glass cake will perfect the look. Molten and hardened sugar looks like sharp shards of glass or ice. They are the perfect cakes for winter birthday parties.

Animated Cakes

We all love cartoons and it's a treat for eyes if we would be able to see our cartoons in our favourite cakes. They are the best to put a smile on anyone's lips.

Hidden Pattern Cake

It's amazing to get hidden patterns as messages inside the cake from our loved ones. Animal prints, hearts and cartoons are some of the popular patterns.

Levitating Cake

It's magical to see cakes floating in the air. Such eye treatment is this cake! It works with magnetism. Another good way to make it by using transparent wires as support to create a gravity-defying effect.

Light-up Cake

These cakes are exemplary for the Christmas and New Year parties. These cakes are illuminated with tiny lights place in cake designs to give it a party look.

So, all these cakes will be trending in 2019. You choose your favourite style and try to make your birthday mouth watering and glamorous with these creative birthday cakes.



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