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Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cake of the month: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Red velvet cake is the epitome of confection, the world’s most loved layered cake thought to be originated in the Victorian era, this particular confectionery baffled many minds with its taste and rich & luscious coloured layers, the texture is something similar to the ocean of cream twirling and swirling across the red surface and many mortals lost their mind to the recipe and their heart to the taste.


During the Victorian era they started calling red cake as velvet red cake to let customers known that the cake is soft and creamy during the same time devil’s food cake was also introduced but the difference is that devil’s food cake used chocolate while red velvet cake used cocoa.

During the great depression, baked beet juices where used to Colour the cakes and the cakes original recipe is well known in America and many considered it as a southern recipe. Traditional red cake is iced with French style butter which is light and fluffy but at the same time consuming.



The recipe varies according to the region but some of the ingredients remain the same like cake flour, the cake flour increase the authenticity of the cake by improving the texture and the overall consistency and cocoa powder used for the taste but some recipes recommend baked beet and butter is the trident of flavour it infuses the ingredients together and this is what makes the velvet cake stand out and finally buttermilk enhances the overall taste and texture and it shouldn’t be missed.

The distinct flavour of the red velvet cake comes from the butter, cocoa and cream cheese frosting and served as 1:8 slices as tilted to makes the layers visible normally the preparation take thirty minutes and the baking take 30-35 minutes and the overall time is around three hours for the cooling and Frosting process.



Whatever the recipe the cake is to enjoy, and across the world there many leading confectioneries offering the best red velvet cake to be found and cake square is one of them made by following the guidelines of the southern recipes it’s a delight to be never missed, their title best Bakery in Chennai is not self proclaimed but hard earned by years of excellence in wonderful foods and user friendly service, some of the focal points of the red velvet cake in cake square are,

  1. 1. Best in quality and taste
  2. 2. Hygiene preparation
  3. 3. Traditional recipe
  4. 4. Served in the most preferential manner
  5. 5. And finally for an unforgettable velvety cake experience.

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