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Top 10 Wedding Cake Toppers For Every Type of Wedding

Top 10 Wedding Cake Toppers For Every Type of Wedding

What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life, in other words marriage! Wedding symbolises the union between two souls whereas wedding cake symbolises the union between the heart and tummy and to mark the union between souls there is wedding ring and to mark the union of heart and tummy there is cake toppers, so let’s look at the top 10 wedding cake toppers for every type of wedding.

1. The Classic Topper

The classic figures of a bride and groom on top of the cake can add a classic wedding look, a couple embracing their wedding standing side by side can add that typical wedding vibes and a bit of nostalgia, this type of toppers is best suited for all white cakes or a cake with less decorative.

2. Banner Topping

Got something special to say? Or you can add a healthy dose of humour by topping your cake with customised banners that attract both the eyes and heart to do that first choose a template next the message you want to deliver and support the banner with a lollipop or candy stick.

3. Personage Initials

The initials of the couples can add a personal touch to the wedding also making them memorable, your initials last with you for lifetime so does your relationships, so initial monochromes can add that little spark that will ignite the hearts.

4. Thematic Toppings

Having themes in wedding can be fun when you add that particular love of your future spouse in that theme, it can be even more electrifying when both of you love the same things, so find things that you both share common interest with and make a thematic topping out of it.

5. Laser Cut Signs

Presenting cakes with laser cut signs will never go out of fashion and can definitely turn the spotlight on, these signs can hold any love or cute sayings that will put happy expression among the gatherings.

6. Animal Toppers

Animals are always fun, whether it be dogs, cats, dears or rabbits, a pair of animal figurines can put a twist on the tradition in an adorable way, if you are a animal lover then why don’t flaunt it with customised animal figurines.

7. Wire toppings

Wires conduct electricity while wire toppers conduct love, wire toppers are on trend these days, a golden or silver wire can be twisted to spell out any words or designs that will put a fascinating spectacle.

8. Photo Pairs

Pictures tell a lot, placing photographs of the bride and groom on top can make a entertaining statement while also reflect a sweet modernity, a pair of photos can capture delightful memories like no other toppings.

9. Personalised Figurines

To make your weddings completely unique and completely you, these personalised figurines can be custom made to look like you and your spouse or your favourite characters like Lego or star wars or any other fantasy character.

10. Homemade Toppers

Weddings are a great way to jump-start your life and wedding cakes is the one thing that make weddings awesome and finding the perfect cake topper can be hard but when you can’t find it you can create it so create a wedding cake topper that is romantic and creative and present them at your wedding and make that wedding jaw dropping.



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